Monday, February 13, 2012

SkyRim Trainer For Your PC and Xbox 360

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Trainer

Skyrim Trainer is the Latest Skyrim Editor tool which helps you in many ways and proved to be the best and working Great. So, Enjoy Download Skyrim Trainer!
  • Not the greatest visually, but it gets the job done.
  • This trainer is for the original version of Skyrim, it has NOT been tested with the updates.Many Options. If you can't understand what's on the trainer I'll list it here.
  • The textbox's for level,health,carry weight,magicka,stamina,perks,Game Time will show your current value.
  • You can edit whats in the box and it will change ingame.
They have limits, and are as follow
Level: 1 - 255
Health: 1 - 9999
Magicka: 1 - 9999
Stamina: 1 - 9999
Carry Weight: 1 - 9999
Perks: 1 - 99 ** Update- Can Now Go To 255
Time: 1 - 24.99
You can not set them lower or higher than those values, my trainer will not let you either.
If you Check "Lock Editable Stats" it will lock the values of Health,Magicka,Stamina,Carry Weight, & Perks so they will
not change.
As for time, its in a float/decimal


Here are some examples:
7.5 = 7:30am
12.5 = 12:30 pm
You get the idea.
  • If you check "Freeze Time", well that should be obvious, it will stop the clock from counting, therefore never advancing in time.
  • The individual Stat buttons under "Max Stats to 9999" those will max that stat to skill level 9999.
  • The button below those "Max All Stats To 100", it will max all your stats to level 100.
  • The button "Launch Game / Exit Game" should be self-explanitory, but if you click it, it will launch Skryim(assuming you have it in the right directory).
  • If you click "Launch Game / Exit Game" while the game is running, it will close the game(of course after asking you).
Hope Ya'll Enjoy!!


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