Saturday, January 21, 2012

Country Story Hack - Download Combo Tools

Country Story Hack  Combo Tool !

Country Story Hack is the new latest facebook game country story combo tool which is used to hack the game for unlimited material. This Country Story hack of the facebook game is released and updated recently. you can download it here for free !

Note : There is no scanning of values required with this combo tool

Firstly, Go to Country Story
  • Browser ( FireFox / IE / Google Chrome / Flock )
  • CS Combo Tools (  )
  • Mouse Recorder ( Might be useful )
  • Brain !!
  1. Enter into Country Story and Harvest and Water some plant
  2. Now open combo tools
  3. Choose your language
  4. Select your browser ( IE/FireFox/Flock/Google Chrome) first
  5. Then select start
  6. If nothing happened, hit Patch
  7. If they're not clickable, repeat from step 1 again.
  8. Click the "Infinite Stamina" and "Unlimited Water" and "Coins+Water "
  9. Plant a new seed on the ground and start watering it
  10. Viola !! You may now use mouse recorder
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ravenskye City SkyeHack v1.3

Ravenskye City Hack :

Ravenskye City SkyeHack v1.3 Tool is a Game hack tool that was released by the "Team R0ck3rz" which is used to hack the game Ravenskye City and Skye Credits Adder.

The Best Cheat to Ravenskye City.
SkyeHack options: 
 - Skye Credits Adder

1. Download SkyeHack v1.3 and unpack to folder.
2. Double click on icon "SkyeHack v1.3".
3. Log in to Facebook and choose your options.
4. Click on start button and wat few seconds.
5. Ready! Your account has been activated!

My Account now:

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